Divorce and Remarriage: Does divorce end a marriage?

Does divorce actually end a marriage? In the legal world, divorce does end a marriage other than the ramifications of memories, children and the generations who follow, but what does God say about marriage and re-marriage? Find out in this informative and yet very controversial book which includes scriptures and commentary by Seventy James Noland who has over 50 years of marriage and family counseling experience backed by a degree in Social Psychology.

20 Disciplines for Developing Zion Building Youth

What’s the number one reason the Church is losing its youth today? NOT because the youth are coming from rebellious homes, homes of divorce, NOT because of the hypocritical Church nor the corruption of society, NOT because of the influence of peers or because of poor schooling, it is because of the youth themselves.

Who Is The Bride of Christ?

Who is the Bride of Christ? Most think it’s the Church. Is it really the Church or could it be something completely different? Find out in this book who the real Bride of Christ is and what it’s going to take to prepare her for Jesus, the Bridegroom. Are you going to be ready when He comes?

RISEN: Death Where Is Your Sting?

What happens after you die? Death is the one thing in life that remains assured. Whether through old age, illness, accident or violence, whether we are rich, poor, male or female, no matter if we’re good or bad, all of us, regardless of our race or creed, will eventually face death.